For one moment, the audience will be so immersed they can disappear - François Moncarey


If you attended TEDxCERN in 2015 it would have been hard to miss the projection mapping created by artist François Moncarey. Using 3D models and photos of the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider, Moncarey immersed the TEDxCERN audience into a spectacular audio-visual experience. 


I am a big fan of TEDxCERN – it’s about merging technology and creativity. This spirit is the basis of my own work. 


This year, the artist returns with a very different and highly secretive concept.


This year we are going to be working live and in real time. Music by Istanbul-based artist Alican Okan. Lasers. Video. Experimentation.


What should the audience at TEDxCERN expect?


My work is making the invisible, visible. I aim to create the effect that for just one amazing moment, these people are completely immersed in the experience. Emotionally, visually, audibly. For that moment, they can disappear.


If you are lucky enough to have a seat at this years’ TEDxCERN, brace yourselves – you are in for a ride.


To find out more about François Moncarey, visit:


sound design & music by AudioFil


Blog post by TEDxCERN Web Editor Kathryn Porteous