Eleonore Pauwels: DNA editing

Eleonore Pauwels, Director of Biology Collectives, Senior Program Associate and Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, is a science policy expert who explores ethical governance and crafts regulations for emerging technologies. Pauwels is particularly interested in the perils and promises of DNA editing, which involves replacing faulty genes to treat and cure diseases. “Gene editing can change a biological blueprint,” Pauwels says. “It’s a defining technology for the future of humanity.”

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The promise and perils of DNA editing

Today we have the possibility to edit diseases like caner out of our genome. But ethicist and policy expert Eleonore Pauwels is urging doctors and policy makers to look before they leap into an uncertain future. In her talk, Pauwels explains the potential of genome editing, but how if we’re not careful, playing with our DNA could make us vulnerable to unforeseen and potentially lethal consequences.
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