Samira Hayat: Drones

Samira Hayat deeply believes that technology is the solution to many global problems. Her engineering work at the University of Klagenfurt is redefining the role drones play in society. “When I was growing up in Pakistan, all I knew about drones is that they are killing machines,” Hayat said. “I did not know much about what they could do for helping humanity.” Hayat’s is currently creating software and technology that will enables groups of drones to work together as a single unit. She hopes that her work will eventually have applications to larger global issues, such as unmanned search and rescue missions, urgent medical deliveries, and construction in remote areas.



Life-saving drones

The word “drone” has become synonymous with autonomous killing machine. But the technology itself isn’t inherently evil—in fact, drones might be the best solution to some of the world’s biggest problems. Engineer Samir Hayat explains how she is redesigning drones to perform tasks such as search and rescue, and explores how this technology could one day revolutionize humanitarian aid work.


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