Speakers Selection Committee

Oliver Bruning, Michael Doser, James Gillies, Ana Godinho, Rolf Landua and Claudia Marcelloni

Special Thanks 

This project is produced under the framework of the CERN Global Engagement at the International Relations group

Our 2018 Awesome Team

This event wouldn't be possible without the help of our many volunteers who participate on the day of the event and the core team members, who spend months preparing.

Core Team

Coordination - Rolf Landua and Claudia Marcelloni
Project Leader and curator - Claudia Marcelloni
Speakers Liaison - Marika Flygar and Lila Mabiala
Guest Liaison - Lila Mabiala 
Production Supervisor - Neal Hartman
Production Assistant - Emma Ward
Video Capture Coordinator - Jacques Fichet 
Stage Manager - Alex Brown
Webcast Partners liaison - Mojdeh Abtahi 
Logistic and volunteers Coordinators - Francois Briard and Loraine Massarotti
App Coordinator - Harris Tzovanakis
Graphic Designer - Esma Mobs 
Animation - Daniel Dominguez
Editor - Cristina Agrigoroae
Webmasters - Nikolaos Papoutsis
Social Media Coordinator - Clara Nellist 
Media Liaison - CERN press office

Video Caption

Noemi Caraban, Christoph M.Madsen, Julien Ordan and Paola Catapano


Volunteers are a key part of the continuous success of TEDxCERN. They comprise a diverse team of CERN TEDx enthusiasts, keen on being part of the event. the TEDxCERN volunteers had a great contribution in creating an outstanding event by giving their best in assisting speakers, guests and coordination team. So for this reason we thank them all, because without them is event wouldn’t be possible.