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A celebration of diversity and commonality: GENOME // All Kinds of Humans installation at TEDxCERN explained in 3 questions

This year at TEDxCERN we welcome Dan Acher, TEDxLausanne speaker and Founder of Swiss-based Happy City Lab. Dan’s ground-breaking GENOME installation will be on show outside of the main auditorium, guests at TEDxCERN can engage and experience it.


Extending the global conversation: TED confirms attendance of 11 translators at TEDxCERN

This year we are thrilled to announce that TED is sending 11 volunteer translators to join TEDxCERN, enabling our event and speakers to reach an even bigger global audience. 


For one moment, the audience will be so immersed they can disappear - François Moncarey

If you attended TEDxCERN in 2015 it would have been hard to miss the projection mapping created by artist François Moncarey. Using 3D models and photos of the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider, Moncarey immersed the TEDxCERN audience into a spectacular audio-visual experience. 


Particle Physics Scientific Installation by Ouchhh

This year, Istanbul-based new media agency Ouchhh will have a performance screened at TEDxCERN. Inspired by the iconic work of Buckminster Fuller, AVA V2 was created by using projection mapping on a hemisphere structure made of semi transparent fabric, requiring the installation to have six projectors.