The second TEDxCERN event, to be held 24 September 2014 at CERN, has the theme 'Forward: charting the future with science'.

TED-Ed: Cloudy Climate Change - How clouds affect Earth's temperature

As the Earth’s surface temperature gradually rises, it has become vital for us to predict the rate of this increase with as much precision as possible. In order to do that, scientists need to understand more about aerosols and clouds. Jasper Kirkby details an experiment at CERN that aims to do just that. Lesson by Jasper Kirkby, animation by Cedric Richer.

TED Ed: How cosmic rays help us understand the universe

We only know 4% of what the universe is made up of. Can we also know what lies beyond our galaxy ... and if there are undiscovered forms of matter? Luckily, we have space messengers — cosmic rays — that bring us physical data from parts of the cosmos beyond our reach. Veronica Bindi explains what cosmic rays are, and how they transmit information about our universe from the great beyond.

How to love uncertainty in climate science

The topic of climate science has become highly politicized as scientists and the public – the media, politicians, supporters, and sceptics – differ on the idea of uncertainty. Tamsin Edwards explains that “uncertainty” - rather than being a liability - is the engine of science. She discusses the confusion surrounding climate change and offers a platform for the public to talk directly to climate scientists.

The math of learning

An invisible problem in our society is that we underestimate ourselves. John Mighton, the founder of JUMP Math, believes that anyone can learn anything, especially mathematics. We need to give our teachers the right methods, backed by rigorous evidence, to educate our children.


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