Turbulence @ TEDxCERN by MySquare

In François Moncarey’s projection mapping work, light inhabits and transforms spaces. Using photos and 3D construction models, François will bring the full-sized image of the CMS detector to life with light in his artistic rendition titled Turbulence. As a part of MySquare, François’ work includes digital arts and dance. With his collective, CENC (Centre for Digital and Physical Expression), he creates visual chemistry between images and choreography.

Programming a new reality

“Computer science is one of the worst things to happen to computers or to science,” said Neil Gershenfeld at TED 2006. In this TEDxCERN talk, Gershenfeld elaborates on how computer science, unlike physics, has arbitrarily segregated the notion that computing happens in an alien world. He talks about breaking down barriers between the digital and physical worlds, and gives us a glimpse of a revolution that could change the way our economy works.

Drawing with light and time

Jeff Frost turns reality into a vision by combining painting, time-lapse photography and sound, and turning them into short films. He talks about his work process in creating material for U2’s Innocence+Experience tour, and shows an exclusive short film that he created especially for TEDxCERN.


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