Extending the global conversation: TED confirms attendance of 11 translators at TEDxCERN


This year we are thrilled to announce that TED is sending 11 volunteer translators to join TEDxCERN, enabling our event and speakers to reach an even bigger global audience. 


Kristin Windbigler, Director of TED Translators at TED explains why they wanted to join forces with TEDxCERN:


TED’s mission is to spread ideas, and obviously ideas don’t just happen in English. The TED Translators program strives to partner with exemplary TEDx events to build bridges between our community of translators and the TEDx program. CERN is a revered organisation and TEDxCERN has an outstanding reputation. Our volunteers are thrilled by the opportunity to attend and participate.’


The TED Translators program aims to help surface the best talks and make them accessible to the world, but the impact goes far deeper than simply language exchange:


What we are doing is unique. Translators attend TEDx events and connect with communities and suddenly cultures merge. People start to see beyond the complexities of language, and understand that we are not so different from one another.’ Ivana Korom, TEDx Translations Manager


What is the TED translator Program?

Launched in 2009 with 300 translations in 40 languages, today more than 100,000 translations have been published in 113 languages. Impressive. Since 2012, the program has expanded to include TEDxTalks.


Find out more: http://www.ted.com/participate/translate


Blog post by TEDxCERN Web Editor Kathryn Porteous