Gary F. Marcus: Artificial Intelligence

Gary F. Marcus wants to build a human mind from scratch. As Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University, his research combines psychology, linguistics, and molecular biology to map the inner workings of the brain and deconstruct common sense scientifically. By applying a deep understanding of the human mind to artificial intelligence, Marcus hopes to revolutionize the capabilities of modern technology and radically transform society. Marcus is a best-selling author and Co-Founder of Geometric Intelligence, Inc. which is redefining the boundaries of machine learning.

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Why toddlers are smarter than computers

Advancements in artificial intelligence are changing how we analyze and process information. But these advances fall short when compared with the ingenuity and creativity of an average three-year old. In his talk, psychologist and neuroscientist Gary Marcus compares advancements in AI to the resilience of the human brain on tasks such as common sense and real-time evaluations.
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