Juan Enriquez

Genomics have made an enormous impact on the way we look at the future today. Juan Enriquez discusses the way the fields of life science shape the evolution of humanity. The fast development of genome projects raise fundamental and ethical questions in many fields of human activity. Are we evolving ourselves? Are we shaping the future of our planet? Enriquez is a renowned TED speaker, life scientist, author, and futurist, known for his expertise in life sciences and their impact on politics, business, technology, and society. He was the founding director of Life Science Project at Harvard Business School and co-author of the book “Evolving ourselves: How Unnatural Selection and Nonrandom Mutation Are Shaping Life on Earth”, exploring how humans increasingly shape the environment, themselves, and other living species. A thought leader in terms of human evolution, Enriquez taps into the world of genomics and all the implications they might carry. He is also the managing director of Excel Venture Management, a life sciences VC firm, and a member of the board of Synthetic Genomics, which recently introduced the smallest synthetic living cell.

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