Speakers, performers and contributors to the TEDxCERN series

Brij Kothari is the founder of PlanetRead, a not-for-profit organization that pioneered the concept of “Same-Language Subtitling” to promote mass literacy.
Dennis Lo is a professor of chemical pathology and developed a non-invasive technique for prenatal testing. From a small sample of a mother’s blood plasma, Lo discovered how to isolate and amplify the the baby’s DNA.
Gary F. Marcus wants to build a human mind from scratch. His research at New York University combines psychology, linguistics, and molecular biology to map the inner workings of the brain and deconstruct common sense scientifically.
Laura Baudis is a physicist looking for dark matter deep underground. “The nature of the matter which holds galaxies together is one of the greatest unresolved problems in science,” Baudis said.
Samira Hayat deeply believes that technology is the solution to many global problems. Her engineering work at the University of Klagenfurt is redefining the role drones play in society.
Shannon Dosemagen co-founded a non-profit organization that bridges the gap between environmental research and the impacted communities. As the co-founder and CEO of Public Lab, Dosemagen engages with communities and helps design do-it-yourself research tools for grass-roots science.
Sheila Rowan started gravity wave research almost thirty years ago during her undergraduate studies at the University of Glasgow. Today, she is now the director of the Institute for Gravitational Research at Glasgow and a contributor to the LIGO observatory, the world’s largest gravitational wave observatory.

Practical questions

How do I get to the venue?

All attendees are strongly advised to use public transportation to get to CERN Reception in Meyrin (outside of Geneva). Tram 18 to CERN (last stop) and Y bus both stop right in front of the Globe at CERN’s entrance. It usually takes around 20 mins from the airport and 30 minutes from downtown Geneva. Make sure you carry enough coins since ticket machines (accept Euros and CHF) don’t always return change. For those who plan to come by car there is Parking Space next to the CERN Globe. The car park is free for one day; the gate opens with automated plate reading. Also, bicycle stands are available for cyclists. For more information here.


Once I arrive at CERN, where do I go?

All guests, including CERN members of personnel, must exchange their ticket for a TEDxCERN badge at the registration desk located in front of the Users Office. If you don’t have a CERN badge please direct yourself to the CERN Main reception first; from there our volunteers will direct you to registration desk.


What time is the registration?

As we are expecting hundreds of guests, we urge you to register as early as possible between  12:00 and 13:30 to avoid queue and also enjoy a coffee with the fellow attendees (note that the CERN cafeteria will be open); The event will start at 14:00 sharp. If you arrive later you will miss the first talks as we will only allow people to get into the auditorium between talks.  The registration desk will be open from 12:00 only until 14:30 CET.


Where can I have lunch if I am coming early?

We have a CERN restaurant situated very close to the event space, where you can buy food and refreshments until the event starts at 14:00. CERN restaurant accepts Swiss Francs and Euros in cash (no credit card). There are UBS cash machines just outside of the restaurant.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please print or download your ticket οn your mobile phone and bring it with you. You must also bring valid ID such as a driving license or passport.


What is the event’s schedule?

The event will begin at 14:00 and end at 18:30. There will be a break between the first and second sessions, with refreshments and exciting activities and entertainment. Please note that no entrance nor exit will be allowed during the talks to avoid disrupting the course of the event.


Can I use my mobile devices throughout the event?

We do request that you refrain from using laptops, iPads, cameras and flash photography in the main venue. You can find out more about here. You are welcome to use your devices during breaks and in the drinks and activities areas. Wifi will be available and we encourage you to post on social media and use the hashtag #TEDxCERN - we’d love to see your tweets, Facebook posts and pictures from the event afterwards.


Where can I leave my stuff?

Cloakroom will be available at the venue for all guests.

Is there a way to visit CERN before or after the event?

Unfortunately, no visit of CERN is organised in the frame of the TEDxCERN event. But you are welcome to benefit from CERN visits offers. On the day, you can visit the CERN free permanent exhibitions “Universe of Particles” and “Microcosm” prior to the conference. Both exhibitions are open from 09:00 and take up to one hour to visit.

I have friends who want to attend the event but don’t have an invite. Is there a way for them to see the event?

Yes! They can watch the webcast of the event on our homepage (www.tedxcern.ch) or check if there’s a simulcast nearby that they could join. However tickets are non-transferable and we do not have a +1 policy, no exceptions.

Is there a TEDxCERN app available?

Yes, we have built an app (iOS, Android) for TEDxCERN 2016 and it is available in the Play/App Store. The TEDxCERN app will allow you to:

  • Browse the schedule of the day
  • See the bio of the speakers
  • Access location for the event at CERN

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