Exploring the vast dark universe

Laura Baudis: Dark matter | 2016

Only a tiny fraction of the matter in our universe is visible; everything else is dark.

Why toddlers are smarter than computers

Gary F. Marcus: Artificial Intelligence | 2016

Advancements in AI are changing how we analyze and process information, but they fall short when compared with the ingenuity of a three-year old.

Read-along with Bollywood

Brij Kothari: Literacy | 2016

Imagine for a moment that you wake up and were unable to read, what would be the consequences in your life?

The promise and perils of DNA editing

Eleonore Pauwels: DNA editing | 2016

Ethicist and policy expert Eleonore Pauwels is urging doctors and policy makers to look before they leap into an uncertain future.

Blockchain and a new paradigm of collectivity

Matan Field: Blockchain | 2016

First introduced by the anonymous Bitcoin inventor, Blockchain is a revolutionary new technology and concept which is now an exponential force

How climate change is altering the underwater soundscape

Kate Stafford: Oceanography | 2016

The underwater isn’t silent but climate change is dramatically changing the soundscape and the impact on the planet could be cataclysmic

The universe has spoken to us

Sheila Rowan: Gravity waves | 2016

Ever heard a sound from 1.3 billion years ago? On 14 September 2015, scientists were able to sense and record a vibration of space time.

If music is playing but no one listens, does it really exist?

Agalma Foundation: Creativity | 2016

Performing two beautiful piano pieces, composer Orazio challenges auditory, visual and psychological perspectives.

Community DIY science

Shannon Dosemagen: DIY science | 2016

Everyone has the innate ability to perform research and draw conclusions, but not everyone has the necessary tools.

The spontaneous origin of creativity

Agalma Foundation: Creativity | 2016

During their performance, an EEG charts and projects the neural activities of two pianists as they synergize, improvise and create.

A window to our health

Dennis Lo: Medical testing | 2016

Early in his career, Dennis Lo questioned why invasive and sometimes life threatening methods of diagnosing diseases in DNA, continued to take place.

Life-saving drones

Samira Hayat: Drones | 2016

The word “drone” has become synonymous with autonomous killing machine. But the technology itself isn’t inherently evil

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