TEDxCERN 5th edition will take place in 2018!

TEDxCERN 4th edition – it’s a wrap. Next edition will take place in November 2018!

On 5 November 2016 , more than 300 creative thinkers and doers attended the fourth edition of TEDxCERN, as 12 fearless speakers explored the theme of ‘ripples of curiosity’. 

The event rushed the audience through an exhilarating journey of exploration and revelation. From the depths of the ocean, through cosmos and space and time, speakers became connected to one another – confiding in how they uncovered their ideas, which started as ripples of curiosity and gradually evolved. A common theme which stood out throughout was the notion that we should embrace advancements in science, technology and health, instead of fear them, but remain cautious of the hands in which they fall. 

“This year’s event blew my mind! The diversity of speakers took our audience on an incredible journey and it became so much more than a series of talks – people became immersed in the experience from the moment they took their seats” Claudia Marcelloni (TEDxCERN curator).  

You can relive the experience through the photos on our Flickr account while waiting for our next edition in November 2018. A bientot! 

TEDxCERN 2016 videos

If music is playing but no one listens, does it really exist?

Agalma Foundation: Creativity | 2016

Performing two beautiful piano pieces, composer Orazio challenges auditory, visual and psychological perspectives.

Blockchain and a new paradigm of collectivity

Matan Field: Blockchain | 2016

First introduced by the anonymous Bitcoin inventor, Blockchain is a revolutionary new technology and concept which is now an exponential force

Exploring the vast dark universe

Laura Baudis: Dark matter | 2016

Only a tiny fraction of the matter in our universe is visible; everything else is dark.