TEDxCERN 5th edition - November 20th @ BFM

TEDxCERN 5th edition - "Engaging with the elephant"

The 5th eidtion of TEDxCERN will take place on November 20th at the Batiment de Forces Motrice in Geneva. The theme for the event is 'Engaging with the elephant', and it will explore the kind of transformative scientific innovation that is impacting the world we live in across a wide range of disciplines.

The disconnect between our science-dependent society and the science on which it is built is a major concern to us.  This year, we felt that there are many elephants in many rooms, and rather that ingoring them in the hope that they might go away, it’s time to engage. Speaker line-up will be released in June and Tickets will be available in August. Stay Tunned! 

TEDxCERN 2016 videos

Why toddlers are smarter than computers

Gary F. Marcus: Artificial Intelligence | 2016

Advancements in AI are changing how we analyze and process information, but they fall short when compared with the ingenuity of a three-year old.

How climate change is altering the underwater soundscape

Kate Stafford: Oceanography | 2016

The underwater isn’t silent but climate change is dramatically changing the soundscape and the impact on the planet could be cataclysmic

Read-along with Bollywood

Brij Kothari: Literacy | 2016

Imagine for a moment that you wake up and were unable to read, what would be the consequences in your life?