TEDxCERN - 9 October 2015 - Breaking the Rules

CERN will be hosting the third edition of TEDxCERN on 9 October 2015, under the theme of “Breaking the rules”. This will allow us to curate a programme that focuses on transformative innovation. History is full of examples of innovations that have changed the world. Think of the World Wide Web, for example, or the profound impact of polio vaccine. The time is ripe for some new transformative innovation, and we want TEDxCERN 2015 to be a platform for that. More information on the programme and on how to apply for ticket will be available in the summer.

Featured videos from TEDxCERN 2014

Why don’t scientists have more authority in government?

Robert P. Crease | 2014

explains why science is essential in policy-making

10 billion people for dinner

Nina Fedoroff | 2014

is an expert in plant genetics and future food systems

Quantum Music

Nitin Sawhney | 2014

is a composer, musician and producer who is also passionate about science