TEDxCERN - 9 October 2015

With the theme ‘Breaking the rules’, TEDxCERN 2015 brings you ideas that challenge the norm with solutions that could transform lives. From tangible interfaces that allow human interaction via e-devices, using 3D technology as a means to revolutionize education and product fabrication, to exploring transformations of matter into habitable structures, TEDxCERN’s speakers this year bring you their visions for a new world. These ideas push beyond the boundaries of academia to inform our present and change our future.

Featured videos from TEDxCERN 2014

Why don’t scientists have more authority in government?

Robert P. Crease | 2014

explains why science is essential in policy-making

Taking the fingerprints of the universe

Julien Lesgourgues | 2014

simulates the universe to understand why it looks the way it does

10 billion people for dinner

Nina Fedoroff | 2014

is an expert in plant genetics and future food systems